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A Better Construction Experience

We start with listening

Each new Swimming Pool Builders project begins with a conversation. It’s our goal to build a pool within your backyard that will bring enjoyment to you and your family for years to come. We specialize in building Vinyl and Concrete Pools.

Custom pools & landscape design

Our business is custom design and construction – with an emphasis on custom. We have no standard offering. Our clients are participants – in the thinking, design, build-out and inhabitation of their personalized garden sanctuaries.

Our approach is ours alone

We don’t sub out any work. We employ all the people and own all the specialized equipment involved in our pool design-builds. This, combined with our management of the timing of each phase and the quality of the completed build, from initial sketches to the first splash, is what sets us apart.

About Us


Once you’ve green-lit your pool design, a symphony of actions, all perfectly timed and executed, makes your pool splash-ready.

Whether you already have a pool and garden design in mind or are still investigating options, we can deliver an outdoor oasis that makes the most of your available yard space.

Your consultant asks questions to assess your needs, expectations, and budget, then briefs our designers. The design team creates a master plan thought through to the last detail for your approval. Everything from proposed materials, build techniques, landscaping features and permits to all associated project costs is detailed in our proposal.

Whatever your yard’s size or shape, we can design a pool that completes it. For ideas and inspirations see our custom Pool Shapes PDF. Or just call us now for an appointment about designing your watery dreamscape.

Excavation is too important to hand over to sub-contractors. We take care of timing, logistics and obtaining local approvals before our own people and equipment commence digging.

Our operators are all pre-briefed, ensuring they won’t damage trees, structures or other property features.

This 100% in-house method enables us control the process of delivering your pool without the delays, uncertainties and competence worries of outside contractors.

Our team of professional constructors builds your pool according to plan and to local code.  

With over 20 years’ professional building experience, Pool Builders exemplifies consistent, high-quality craftsmanship. We never stop, toiling through the seasons to deliver as promised.

Including a fine landscaping component along with your pool transforms your garden into a sanctuary, not to mention enhancing its property values.  

The addition of an attractive environment of plants and architecture soothes the soul and keeps families playing, laughing and spending more time together.

And if you’re an entertainer, you’ll love what an exquisitely landscaped backyard pool brings to the party.

Prepare to be Popular

Our differences run deep



A design team’s award-winning ideas borne of listening to customers and translating their needs into stunning executions. A company owner who’s reliably on site, overseeing every step. A finished pool and landscaped garden free of deficiencies, delivering joy to all who take the plunge, year after year. A warranty, the best in the industry, of three years on everything
we sell, design and install.