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Standard Opening

Package Includes:
  • Pump off cover and remove
  • Wash, fold, and store cover on site
  • Drain, clean, and store water bags (if needed)
  • Re-assemble filtration equipment
  • Re-install deck equipment
  • Clean scum line
  • Add shock treatment
  • Startup system if possible, at the time of opening
    ($45 fee to start system after opening)
  • 1L concentrated algaecide
  • Addition of salt ($12.99/bag)
  • Additional cost for treating/clearing pools with algae growth
  • Water should be turned on before the scheduled opening date
  • Heater start-up & service not included (please schedule when booking your opening)
  • Vacuum pool at opening $35 (pools larger than 18’x36’ add $45

Standard Closing

Package Includes:
  • Lower water height to appropriate winterizing level
  • Winterize plumbing lines and filtration equipment
  • Install winterizing plugs + anti-freeze
  • Pool surface cleaning (approx. 5 mins)
  • Add shock treatment
  • Remove deck equipment
  • Install winter cover and bags
  • Anti-freeze is included (up to 4L)
  • The pool should be cleaned + balanced before closing
  • Customers will be given 48 hours to report/request a cover adjustment or broken waterbag repairs. After 48 hours, regular service rates apply
  • Pools larger than 18’x36’ add $45
  • Spillover spas add $75
  • Cartridge filter cleaning $75
  • Salt cell cleaning $75

Weekly Maintenance

$3500 + HST for 18 weeks’ service

Fee applies to pools 18’x36’ and smaller. Please add $400 for bromine pools. If your pool has additional water features and/or is larger than 18’x36’, we will inspect and provide a custom quote.

If you would like your pool maintained longer than the standard 18 weeks, we will gladly schedule additional visits at $95.00 + HST a week.

Package Includes:
  • Standard opening package
  • Heater start-up by a licensed gas fitter
  • 18 weeks of weekly maintenance and vacuuming
  • All chemicals required to balance & maintain the pool
  • Weekly filter maintenance
  • Weekly cleaning of scum line
  • A weekly report of pool readings
  • Standard closing package

This package does not include parts and/or repairs required during the season, which is invoiced separately.

Payment Schedule

Four equal payments of $988.75. IF PAYING BY CHEQUE all four cheques must be received by March 15th, (Current Year) and post-dated for March 15th, May 15th, June 30th & Sept. 15th.